Do not tell the seed

Do not tell the seed
That it should become a flower
Work hard
Pay attention
Be perfectly wellbehaved
And hurry up before
The other flowers are too high and
Towering over him
Deprive him of sunlight

Do not belittle the seed
By saying it is just a seed
While there’s a world of flowers living inside of him
Do not tell the seed how much it should drink
How much it should sunbathe
How much it should grow
Or what it should become

Do not say
That breaking is unintended
That he should arrive unharmed
And do not wonder
If he is growing in the right direction
And what makes him so sure of that

Do not ask the seed
What his objective is
Which colour his flower will be
And how he proposes to get there
So high up
Or from where he intends
To get the colours
From the yellow sun? Or the brown dirt?

Do not tell the seed that he is unfortunate
Had the wrong parents or
The wrong type of ground
Too little rain
Or too much sun

Do not tell the seedling that it’s growing inappropriately
Too croocked, too slow, too weird
That the leaves look awkward
Or grow too onesided
That he dances funny
Or has no chances in life
Only to be trampled
Grazed upon
Given up on

Finally, do not tell him
That the flower has the wrong colour
Because the flowers around him look differently
Or that he smells wrong
Not sweet enough or too much like the others
That no butterfly or bee will ever visit

Just tell the seed
How beautiful he is
How natural
How real

Tell the seed
That he’s unique
That there’s never been one quite like him
And that that is what’s so beautiful
That we’re so curious
How you will grow and
What you will sow and
That the earth carries you
The sun smiles at you
and the water nourishes you.
That we are happy that you are here
At exactly the right place
With the exact right way of being
You make this meadow even prettier
Standing here together
With all the others
Just as uniquely beautiful as you
And exactly that makes it

Rain is pouring softly
On the ground
And there is no rush
You will feel when it is time
To break and open and
What you truly are never withers
However you grow or break or bloom

Be welcome